Hello blog readers, friends and family! Welcome to BlackStone Studio’s newest undertaking: “the blog”. Finally we join the blog trend that has swept the nation for a while now. As a design studio you would think that we would have embarked in it a while back, but sometimes it’s good to wait until the “new” becomes the “improved”… just ask anyone who bought the first iPhone.

I should warn you. I am a business owner, a graphic artist, a web designer, a wife, a stepmom and a pet owner among other things, but I am definitely not a great writer. You can also take into consideration that English is not my first language. This last fact is my favorite excuse to bad grammar, spelling mistakes and the common typos. So I encourage you to see past that and try to come by often to check out our new projects.

BlackStone Studio’s “the blog” will be dedicated exclusively to post my most recent design projects in the hopes of not only promoting my creative skills, but also my client’s products or services.

Hope you enjoy “the blog” and stay tuned for new BlackStone Studio Project updates!

The newest blogger on the block,
Barbara Holland

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