Bind-big-FinalBlackStone Studio has become a sponsor of a new Facebook group called No Bind Photography Contest. This is a photography Contest that does not want to be like all the rest on Facebook. They are looking for likeminded people to join the group who have the same idea about photography.

They want to create Photography with an edge, with something different about it. They do not want you to follow the norm when it comes to taking photos take a chance, blurred, over exposed,  no one should be judged on if it’s a good photo, so if you like it put it up for the weekly contest.

The first contest is next Monday. The winners will be posted up on their Facebook page, on their blog and on BlackStone Studio’s “the blog”! The prize sponsor for this week is below:

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BIG thanks to this week’s prize  sponsor: Something Blue Studios

Something Blue Studios, where you can find actions, styles, frames and overlays for your pictures. The designs at Something Blue Studios are a unique mix of shabby and worn, classic and clean. But no matter what style, you can be sure that the quality and attention to detail are always outstanding.

Something Blue Studios will give the three winners gift certificates of $15 (1st), $10 (2nd) and $5 (3rd) for their online store which you can access at

They are also giving out a 50% promo code to each and every participant of this week’s contest!!! We will send you the promo code next week after we have seen that you have uploaded a picture.

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