Well, the semester is almost over. Thankfully, my first teaching experience went awesome and,  I am happy to report that I will continue teaching again at Northwest Vista College in the fall.

During the spring semester, I planned out different assignments and projects so that students could learn the basics of each of the five programs the course covers. We learned all about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and Premier.  However, I remember being in their situation, and it is really overwhelming trying to learn all the tools, tips and tricks of  all these different software applications in such a short amount of time. So to help them refresh everything we saw throughout the semester, I created a game.

I’m not sure what to call it yet, but the game consists of breaking up the class in teams. Then I have a series of questions and tasks related to everything we saw in the semester. Tasks are worth more points than the questions, but some questions have a bonus section that if completed make them worth as much as a task. Everyone is timed and if one team doesn’t get the answer or task right, it is passed onto the next team to complete in half the time.

We did the game last week and it was so much fun. The best part was that playing in teams helped everyone support each other with what they’ve mastered throughout the course. I am totally adding this game to my class in the fall!

So, every game has a prize. The winning team got extra credit, but just to add a fun touch, or maybe I should say a delicious touch, I also gave out cupcakes to the winners. One of my favorite clients, Kate from Kate’s Frosting baked us yummy cupcakes decorated with the icons of the Adobe software programs we learned about in class. How great is that? Now I have to tell ya’ll that Kate also gave ALL of my students gift certificates for a free cupcake at any of her two locations!!! So I have to give her a shout out and say THANKS KATE!

Hope you enjoyed my teaching update story. I will try to post something up next fall when I start my new class. Have a good one!

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