This past Friday, BlackStone Studio launched a brand new website for 2 Gringos Salsa! The name says it all. They sell an amazing salsa created by two gringos! They also have a new product, called the Chupacabra Rub, which is my FAVORITE! Alton Paris, one of the two gringos, hired me to do the website and gave me some samples of the products to take home… and I was hooked! The salsa is so tasty! And, their new Chupacabra Rub is a seasoning that you can put virtually on anything. I now use it myself on practically everything I make and it enhances the flavor of every meal. 2 Gringos Salsa is a new client, and now I am a new client of theirs too!  You can now buy their products online or find them at a local store. Take a look at their new website at

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