A couple weeks ago, the Vareeds hired BlackStone Studio to take some family photos of their kids Rebeca and Roshan. We drove up to a great location in Boerne that had the most amazing trees, creeks and landscape! The light was amazing there and we were lucky to have good weather so it wasn’t too hot. I had such a fun time shooting pictures of Rebeca and Roshan. Rebeca is not only a beautiful girl, but she is a natural in front of the camera, so she made my job so easy! Like most boys, Roshan was not eager to have his picture taken, but soon enough we got him to give us some smiles! Both of them enjoy reading books and Rebeca likes taking pictures so we included those hobbies in their shots. At the end of the shoot, we even took a quick impromptu family photo. These two amazing kids were very photogenic and the entire Vareed family was a pleasure to work with! Click here to view some of their family pictures and other BlackStone Studio photo sessions.

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