For the past month, BlackStone Studio has been helping Liberty Builders of Texas create new brand cohesive marketing materials! Liberty Builders of Texas is an exterior remodeling company serving the San Antonio area. They specialize in siding, window and door replacement, as well in room additions, patio covers and insulation.

It all started with the logo. I reworked and redesigned their existing logo. The most noticeable changes were creating a  consistent image representation of Lady Liberty and incorporating the Texas map. I created several layouts, both vertical and horizontal, for the different applications.

Liberty Builders of Texas Logo

Then comes online presence. BlackStone Studio completely redesigned, restructured and relaunched a new website for Liberty Builders of Texas. They now have comprehensive information on all their products, services and financing, as well as a blog where you’ll find not only latest news relevant to the industry but also featured San Antonio home transformations.

Liberty Builders of Texas Website

BlackStone Studio has also started designing flyers and sales sheets for Liberty Builders of Texas. Take a look at some below and stayed tuned because I am still working on additional marketing materials which I will share later on!

Liberty Builders of Texas Flyers

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