Small Jobs + Awesome Work = Big Projects, Steady Work & Quick TurnaroundWhen you start out on your own as a designer you’ll find that your first projects may be small ones. You may find yourself doing small jobs for friends and family to get your name out there. The excitement and thrill you get when starting out on your own will probably help you do great on these projects even if they are not as big as you would want them to be. Hopefully, as you get busier and your design work starts creating a demand, you‘ll also start getting bigger and better projects.

My own path with BlackStone Studio has been something like that. One great thing I’ve learned along the way is to always be as dedicated and enthusiastic with small jobs as I am with the bigger ones. Just because I get bigger work from larger companies now, doesn’t mean I neglect or turn down small jobs from start-ups or even individuals. Below are my top reasons why:

Small projects started my business.

They still have the potential to get me more work. Smaller clients talk to other smaller clients, and sometimes even bigger clients. That’s how you landed your big projects in the first place. Referrals are priceless!

Start-ups and individuals tend to give me steady and continuous work.

They don’t have an in-house design department to help them and they usually cannot afford big design agencies. My smaller clients are happy to find a designer they can rely and depend all year long.

Small projects usually are quicker projects, and quicker projects get paid faster!

With start-ups and small business you will usually deal directly with the owner, which is who makes the final decisions. You don’t have to wait for committees and departments or executives to go through and approve all the work and throw in their two cents to the mix of opinions. This means you get feedback faster and fewer revisions, which allows you to finish a project in less time and get your final payment quicker!

In conclusion, be awesome on small jobs! Don’t disregard or neglect those that come your way. Treat them like they were from a big company because you never know where they might lead to.

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