Losing 30 lbs before turning 30Last fall, my good friend Jennifer Trimmier, told me about her plans to become a personal trainer. Jennifer is the kind of girl that workouts everyday, occasionally rides a bicycle to work, creates and shares healthy recipes, runs marathons and plans outdoor activities instead of dinners to celebrate special occasions. She is perfect for personal training because she fully embodies what a healthy lifestyle is, and how to reach it. Having battled with my weight for the past couple of years, and in an effort to support her new passion, I accepted her offer to train me. The goal was set: Lose 30 lbs before turning 30 years old.

It all started on January 1st when Jennifer created a workout plan for me, which she updated every month after that. Each time she changed my workout routines, they would get more intense. I was working out an hour a day, six days a week. Jennifer showed me that I was capable of doing exercises I never thought I had the strength or endurance to do.

She also helped me with my diet by having me log my food online so that I could learn how many calories I consumed compared to how many I burned evey day. She did not want me to be deprived of foods I like, so what I ate was up to me, as long I stayed within the limits the online journal set for me.

What is great about having a trainer is that I had someone to guide me and teach me along the way. Jennifer created flexible yet challenging exercise routines and would come to my house to help me in doing them correctly. She helped me identify and fix problems when I hurt myself, such as ankle pain caused by worn out sneakers. She would give me food tips and suggestions when I had trouble finding healthy substitutes for the ones I liked, and she took the time to tailor them to my specific health issues. She would check up on me via email or text once a week, and that allowed me to feel accountable to her without feeling anxiety over having to check-in every day.


Barbara Before/After

Part of  my routine was weighing myself every week. I made Monday mornings my official weigh-in day. This morning I reached my goal!!! In fact, I surpassed it by couple pounds! My birthday is not until June 24th, so I lost the weight with a month to spare! Yay!!!!

But here is the best part, I had lost 85% of the weight by the end of March. At the beginning of April, I started working out about 3 days a week and stopped logging my food. Why? Because life happens. I had things that needed to take priority over workouts. However, I quickly realized that even though my workout schedules weren’t as strict, I would still find time to sneak in short workouts here and there. And, although I was not logging my food anymore, I was used to eating healthier. I had already learned to identify foods portions without measuring, and to calculate calories and fat in meals I eat often.

As the weeks in April went by, something incredible happened. I was no longer in “diet and exercise” mode. I had not only changed my body, but I had changed my lifestyle completely, and so I continued to lose weight. I’m so happy to have reached my goal!!! If you need someone to help you, don’t hesitate in contacting Jennifer Trimmier. I could not have done this without her help!


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