BlackStone Studio Mobile Conversion

BlackStone Studio now offers a new mobile conversion service for your website! The key to converting your website content for mobile viewing  is keeping it simple, fast and easy to navigate. We use a technology that analyzes the content of your existing website and restructures it into a mobile friendly layout. This new service has an annual cost and a one-time setup fee, but for this month only we are waiving the setup fee as an introductory offer! Want to test how your site conversion can look like? Click here to try out our mobile conversion demo. You will be able to see a basic preview but once you sign up, BlackStone Studio can customize the functionality, look and feel even further.

Clients have already started to sign up for this service. The samples above are BlackStone Studio‘s own mobile website conversion as well as some of the ones we have done for clients already. If you are interested in this new service, please contact me today at [email protected]

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