It’s hard to believe that even in 2013 there are still many businesses that don’t have a website. Some small businesses think they don’t need one, and others think they can’t afford one. However, it’s time! Today, a website is essential. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a website:


An online presence can give your business instant credibility. People are most likely going to check your website before calling you or stopping by. Having information online about your services and/or products, your experience, client testimonials or photo galleries can help build trust and confidence in your company.  

Day Night24/7

A website works for you non-stop 365 days a year. Potential clients can learn about your business on their time because your website allows for your business to be accessible online all the time. If you have an online store, they can place orders or purchase products day or night. Your website is always open, it never closes… not even on holidays!  


How many times do you repeat the same information to clients over the phone? If there is no where else for a potential client to learn about your business, then you’re probably having to spend time answering the same questions on product details or pricing, store location and hours, or perhaps even inquiries on services you may not offer at all. Having all this information online on your website can save you so much time!


A website gives your business a much larger reach than direct mail, ads or any other marketing materials. Having a website allows you to target potential clients outside your geographic location that otherwise would not have known about your company. If you have products or services that you can deliver by mail, over the phone, or via the web, then having a website can potentially open an entirely new pool of clients for your business!



A website gives potential clients an overview of your business. From your website, people should be able to find out what services or products you offer. They might even be able to determine if you are in their price range. They could also get a feel for your company’s style, technique or personality to see if you are a good fit for them and vice versa. Your website can help you avoid the frustration of dealing with the wrong clients by serving as a filter to find the right customers for your business.   



If after reading this you are finally convinced that you need a website for your business, but you still think you can’t afford one, contact BlackStone Studio today. I’ll help you build a custom designed website that doesn’t blow your budget. My advice to all small businesses is to let your website grow with your company. You don’t have to start with a huge site. A simple, stylish and informational website is a good way to start to establish your online presence. Contact me today to set up a consultation!


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