2 Gringo Salsa Ad2 Gringos makes the most “chupalicious” season-all, salsa and chips I’ve ever tasted! They have been a BlackStone Studio client since 2011, and during that time their business has grown with so many tasty new products. My favorite, of course, is their famous Chupacabra Rub, but they just came out with a Chupacabra Tomatillo Salsa that is mouth-watering! Try it with their Chupacabra Chips for a spicy and savory snack.

As always, you can order 2 Gringos products at their online store at www.2gringossalsa.com/store. But now, you can also check out their locations page to find a long list of many local stores that carry them. And if you don’t feel like cooking tonight, BlackStone Studio just updated their website to include a list of local restaurants that use their products so you can eat out and still enjoy a “chupalicious” meal!

Check out some photo samples below of a mini product shoot BlackStone Studio recently did for 2 Gringos. And take a look on your right at a custom ad designed by BlackStone Studio for 2 Gringos that was featured on Texas Outback Magazine. 


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