Robert Hughes GalleryThe Robert Hughes Gallery just launched a brand new website, custom designed by BlackStone Studio. Located in the well-known Blue Star Arts Complex, the Robert Hughes Gallery boasts an awesome collection of contemporary paintings, sculptures, jewelry and unique artifacts. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert Hughes for almost two years and I was so excited when he asked me to redesign his website!

The Robert Hughes Gallery used to be on South Alamo Street, and with the change in scene, Robert Hughes saw that there was an opportunity to redesign and revamp his website. The goal was not only to update the overall look and functionality, but also for it to reflect the style and feel of his new gallery. Take a look at their new website at and be sure to check it out regularly as we are continually adding more artists and samples of their work!!! 

If you have a chance, stop by the Robert Hughes Gallery and experience it live!  

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