Strong Body San Antonio

Jennifer TrimmierAs many of you already know,  I love to brag about my amazing friend and personal trainer, Jennifer Trimmier, owner of Strong Body San Antonio! She is so awesome at what she does because it’s more than a business for her, it’s her passion!

All this year, BlackStone Studio has been lucky enough to be a part of Strong Body’s branding process, from logo design to website development, as well as flyers and ads. All of Strong Body’s marketing pieces designed specifically and consistently STRONG!

Our latest project challenged me to expand my services into a field that I’ve always been interested in, yet only dabbled with, and that is online video production and editing. With video quickly becoming such an important and convenient online tool, Jennifer wanted to have short videos available online for her clients to use as guidance when they work out on their own.

We spent a fun day shooting all the different exercises. We edited them down to short and easy to watch videos that will quickly show her clients the correct way to perform each exercise in their workout.

Checkout a few of my favorites below!


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