Yo Yo Trucking Website Design

I’m excited to share that BlackStone Studio just launched a new website for Yo Yo Trucking, a local company that can haul a variety of materials. Jake Bernhard, the owner, has been a long time client and friend so I was very happy to work on this project with him. Our biggest challenge on this website was content. The nature of this business doesn’t require much online information. He didn’t need product pictures, before/after photos, lengthy service descriptions, or complex informational content. His services are simple and straightforward. His potential clients just want to know three things: who the company is, what they can haul and how to get in contact with them. So we decided his website should reflect that in a clear and concise way. The result is a beautiful, one-page minimal site and that’s easy to navigate and super practical. Check it out at www.yoyotrucking.com


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