Canned Responses

Jun 5, 2019 | Business Tools, Tips

Do you sometimes find yourself writing the same exact emails over and over again? In business, you usually get asked the same questions repeatedly. It’s not uncommon to find yourself explaining a process or service in almost the exact same way, word for word, to many different people. So today’s tip is on saving precious time by using canned responses. Canned responses are an advanced Gmail tool that allows you to save pre-written content as an email template. They are a real time saver!!!

To enable them, go to your Gmail settings and click on the Advanced tab. Once enabled, the first step is to create a template.

Open the Compose window and write up your email message. Once you are finished, click on the three dots located at bottom right corner (next to the trash icon.) This opens the More Options menu. Hover over the Canned Responses tab, and you’ll get the option to save your New Canned Response. You will also be prompted to give it a name so you can recognize it later. After saving your new canned response, you can just trash the email you used to write it.

To use a canned response, just start a new email and click on the three dots again. Hover over the Canned Responses tab, and now you’ll be able to see a list of all your canned responses. Click on the name of the one you want to use, and it will insert the content into your new email window. Tah-Dah!!!

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