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Jun 10, 2019 | Business Tools, Tips

As small business owners, we have our hands full with responsibilities, projects, and tasks that need to get done by yesterday, so keeping active on social networks usually gets pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list. Last year, I made a commitment to start showing up on Instagram and Facebook more consistently, and today’s tip is about sharing with you how I was able to do it with Social Curator!

Social Curator is a monthly subscription service created by the incredible Jasmine Star! As a member, every month, I receive professional photos and customizable captions that give me a substantial headstart on knowing what to talk about online. I also get actions plans with step-by-step instructions and exercises that help me learn how to get more out of social media. And, last but not least, I have access to an exclusive Facebook group, and monthly master classes lead by Jasmine herself and in some cases, expert guests.

I’m recommending this service because I genuinely believe it has helped my social media presence, and I feel it could help yours too. However, I want to be clear on something: while I am not getting paid to advertise Social Curator, this month Jasmine is holding a contest for members who refer people to join, and that’s also a reason why I’m promoting it today.

So if you’ve ever considered signing up for an online course or service to help with social media, I whole heartily encourage you to give Social Curator a try! You will not be disappointed!!! And I’d appreciate if you use my referral code so that Jasmine knows I sent you:

If you have any questions about my experience with Social Curator, just reach out, and I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my abilities!

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