Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center

I’ve been a graphic designer for over a decade, and a lot has changed since I began. For example, I used to think the best part of the job was getting to do what I love every day and although that’s still great, I now think the best part of what I do is making my clients’ creative vision come to life. It really brings me unexpected joy when clients look at a logo and tell me, “that’s the one!” With that in mind, I’d like to share this new logo I designed for Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center, a great client who I started working with recently. The owner, Shirley Nedock, had a clear concept of what she wanted her logo to be. She provided me with excellent direction throughout the entire process, and together, we were able to create this beautiful new logo for her business! What about you, friend? What brings you joy in your work?


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