Pinned Browser Tabs That Open Automatically

Oct 4, 2019 | Business Tools, Tips

Pinned Browser Tabs

Do you have certain web pages that you check daily? Perhaps you’re like me, and you keep your email or calendar tabs open all day, every day. Or maybe you like to have your social media account pages easily accessible. I personally hate having to open the same 2-3 sites every single day… so I found a simple and easy way to have your pages show up every time you turn on your computer and launch your browser.

Using the Chrome browser, open your favorite websites. Then, right-click on each browser tab and click PIN TAB. If you’ve never pinned tabs before, it’s a neat little feature that narrows the tab and moves it to the left of the screen. It helps keep things manageable and it makes it harder to close them accidentally.

Once you have all the sites open and pinned, click on the three dots icon located on the top right corner of the browser. Then click on SETTINGS.

On the settings page, find the section called ON STARTUP and then select CONTINUE WHERE YOU LEFT OFF.

So, the next time you open Chrome, the tabs you selected and pinned will open automatically! Now tell me, what sites do you visit every day?

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