Password Checkup Tool

Apr 3, 2020 | Tips

I keep hearing that cyber attacks are on the rise. It’s scary to think that people could take advantage of the pandemic to create further mayhem. Since our lives are online more than ever, a good way to protect yourself is to keep up with your passwords. It’s always suggested that you change them often, but today I’m going to show Google users how you can check if any of them have been exposed.

Google has a fantastic feature called Password Checkup that will analyze any passwords you’ve saved through your Google account or through the Chrome browser.

There are two ways to find the Password Checkup tool. You can go to Manage your Google Account, click on Security, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Password Manager link.

Or you can just go to this URL directly:

Click the “Check Passwords” button, and Google will show you if any passwords are compromised, how many you’ve reused, and which ones may be weak. Now, you’ll be able to know which passwords you need to change ASAP, and if there are any you could improve.

What better time to go through your passwords list than while you’re stuck at home. I hope this quick tip helps protect your online accounts!

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