3 Easy Design Tips To Make Graphics Look Great

Jan 9, 2019 | Design Basics, Tips & Tutorials

3 Easy Design Tips

Whether it’s motivational quotes, funny memes, or holiday messages, everyone loves creating and sharing images on social media. Or maybe you’re designing artwork for a presentation at work. Perhaps you’re putting together brand images to promote your own business. Whatever the reason, let’s talk about three easy design tips to help make your graphics look great!

 3 Easy Design Tips


Limit Fonts

Try not to use more than two different font families. Having multiple typefaces can create visual chaos and make the design look messy.


Align Elements

Alignment means lining up text and other elements relative to an invisible line or margin. This creates balance, helps with readability, and keeps things looking organized and professional.


Leave Some White Space

Don’t try to fill up all empty areas. White space balances out the content, it gives focus to what’s important, and makes a design look less cluttered.

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