3 Hidden Instagram Story Features

Sep 20, 2019 | Instagram, Social Media, Tips & Tutorials

3 Hidden Instagram Story Features

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. Although I like scrolling through all the photos on my feed, what I most enjoy is browsing through the daily stories. Stories are one of the most popular tools on Instagram, and they are continually getting new updates. However, some of the most useful story features are not always easy to find. So, I’d like to share with you a few of my favorites below.

My 3 Favorite Hidden Instagram Story Features


Get More Color Options

While they provide us with a basic color palette, there is a way you can access more color options when drawing or typing on your story. Just open the BRUSH or TEXT tools located at the top of the screen. Then TAP AND HOLD any of the default colors from the palette situated at the bottom of the screen. That will open a slider with a rainbow of new color choices!


Add Multiple Images

Most people think that to add multiple images to your story, you only have the option to create a grid layout. However, there is a photo sticker within Instagram that allows you to add more photos which you can size, rotate, and arrange freely. Just open the STICKER library located on the top of the screen, and scroll through the stickers until you find a circle showing a thumbnail of your most recent camera roll photo. It will have a snapshot icon over it. Click on it to select and insert a picture from your phone into your story. 

If you don’t have the photo sticker available on your account, you can still add multiple pictures using the TEXT tool. Start by going to your phone’s camera roll and COPY the photo you want to insert. Go back to your story and open on the TEXT tool located on the top of the screen. Then, PASTE your image. It will now display as a photo sticker. 

You can continue adding images to your story by inserting more photo stickers.


Swipe Left For Photo Filters

Instagram now offers tons of effects for stories, but my go-to ones are the original filters. Some users still don’t know about them because there isn’t an icon or thumbnails for accessing them. To find these filters, start creating a new story by taking a picture (or selecting one from your camera roll). Then, just SWIPE LEFT over the photo and choose from about 13 different filter options. Each one has a name that displays for about 2 seconds after you swipe. My favorite is the first one, titled Paris.

Have you discovered any other hidden Instagram story features? If so, tell me all about them in the comments below!

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