Adding Text Over An Image Using The Preview App

Feb 1, 2019 | Apple Products & Software, Apps, Tips & Tutorials

Adding Text Over An Image Using The Preview App

Having a quick way to add text over an image is something most entrepreneurs need. It can come in handy when working on a project or for creating social media graphics. If you are a Mac user, an easy solution is already within your reach.

While you might know that Preview is the default application on Mac computers to view image files, you might not be aware that it comes with a few practical editing tools. I’d like to show you how you can use these tools to add text over your photos.

How To Add Text Over Images Using Preview

— Preview is only available on Apple computers —

Open The Image In Preview

Double-click on your image, and it should open in PREVIEW automatically. If you have changed the default settings on your computer, you will need to right-click on the image, hover over OPEN WITH, and then select PREVIEW from the options listed.

Duplicate The Image

It is always best to work on a copy of the original image. So before you make any edits, go to the FILE menu and click on DUPLICATE. This will create a copy of the image you can work from and leave the original as is

Open The Toolbar

Go to the VIEW menu, and click on SHOW MARKUP TOOLBAR. This will display a set of tools at the top of the window.

Use The Text Tool

Click on the TEXT tool located near the middle of the toolbar. Then click anywhere on the image to create a text box and start typing. You can move the text box to a different spot at any time.

Format The Text

Select your text and then click on the TEXT STYLE tool located at the right end of the toolbar. It will provide you with more options to change the font, color, and size.

Adjust Image Colors

You may need to adjust the color of your image to make the text over it easier to read. Click on the ADJUST COLOR tool to modify the exposure, contrast, and other settings to make it darker or lighter.


Once you are satisfied with how your image and text look, go to the FILE menu and click SAVE.

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