iLease Central Logo Design

I love working with amazing entrepreneurs—it’s a privilege to be part of someone’s business journey. I get an unexpected joy listening to my clients talk about their new business ideas and helping them create a logo that will proudly represent their new company. Today, I’d like to share a logo design I created for Renee and Elinda Joseph. Their new business, iLease Central, will provide both landlords and tenants with an organized and convenient online space for everything related to leasing, simplifying communication between both parties. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Renee before, and I have no doubt that she and Elinda will make this new venture a success! Are you starting a new business? If you need a graphic designer to help you create a logo, let’s talk!

Summer Fun

The start of summer marks the beginning of a lot of fun family activities: cookouts, road trips, beach vacations, and getting together with relatives that you don’t see often enough. The best part of being self-employed is that there is no boss to bat an eye when I take some time off to be with my loved ones! This freedom is why I chose to be an entrepreneur, and while it’s not an easy path, I’m thankful for it every day! What’s your favorite part of summer?

Landa Gardens Website Redesign

I’m so excited to announce my latest website launch. The Landa Gardens Conservancy has been a client for years! I designed their site back in 2011, and I have refreshed the look a couple times since then—but this year we decided to do a complete website redesign! We restructured and reimagined the site with a contemporary new look that really carries its mission and message across. If you live in San Antonio and have never visited Landa Gardens, you are missing out! It’s a beautiful, peaceful and fun family-friendly spot! 

Thank You!

Maybe you follow me because we’re friends, or possibly because we’ve worked together. Perhaps you like seeing my design projects, or it could be that you enjoy my tips. Whatever the reason, I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks for being in my corner of the Internet, friend! 

Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center

Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center

I’ve been a graphic designer for over a decade, and a lot has changed since I began. For example, I used to think the best part of the job was getting to do what I love every day and although that’s still great, I now think the best part of what I do is making my clients’ creative vision come to life. It really brings me unexpected joy when clients look at a logo and tell me, “that’s the one!” With that in mind, I’d like to share this new logo I designed for Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center, a great client who I started working with recently. The owner, Shirley Nedock, had a clear concept of what she wanted her logo to be. She provided me with excellent direction throughout the entire process, and together, we were able to create this beautiful new logo for her business! What about you, friend? What brings you joy in your work?

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