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Welcome to my corner of the internet, where the coffee is hot, and so is the weather! I can’t wait for cooler temperatures… but I live in Texas, so you never know what the weather will be like from day to another. But staying indoors, where it’s nice and cool, gives me a chance to tell you a little bit about this blog.

I usually showcase samples of my recent work on here. A couple times a month, I’ll share tips about online tools, social media, or technology in general. I also post some personal thoughts and insight into my life in the hopes that you can get to know me better! So whether you’re a new follower or a longtime friend, I’d love to know what kind of content you would like to see? Comment below!

Rev Up Recess Logo Design

Ever feel like just shaking things up? Well, my awesome clients are doing just that! I’m happy to share a new logo I recently designed for Rev Up Recess! Olivia Weisinger and Amanda McMickle have partnered up to create a movement that is bringing play back to kids in our schools and our communities. Their focus is reviving a forgotten, yet vital classroom: Recess! It’s been so fun to work on this project with Olivia and Amanda! And we’re not stopping at just the logo, we are currently working on other collateral materials that I can’t wait to share with you too! Are you needing help your business logo? If so, reach out and let’s chat!

Restoring Tabs

Restoring Tabs

Sharing is caring, right? And since I care so much for you, I thought I’d share a little trick I recently learned. I’ve spent years working as a graphic designer, which means I’m in front of my computer quite a lot. I usually have 3-10 browser tabs open at once, and every so often I accidentally close one! Sometimes, I close all the tabs on my browser by mistake. Has that happened to you? You can search for your tabs in your browser history. You can also redo your online search to find the pages again. However, both of these solutions can be frustrating. So here’s a tip that might make you smile! If you use the Chrome browser, there is a super-easy way to restore closed tabs!

All you have to do is click on FILE and then on REOPEN CLOSED TAB… and poof! Your tabs are back!!! It takes about 3 seconds to restore them. Amazing, right? Do you have any browser tips you’d like to share! If so, leave them in the comments below!

Hope Rules Digital Download Design

Hope Rules Digital Download

I have been lucky enough to work with people from all different types of industries. However, I’d never had the opportunity to work with an author, and I really wanted to have the chance! So, when the lovely Caroline Rose reached out to me about her project, I was delighted! Caroline is a thoughtful, smart, and dog-loving woman who is inspiring others with her story of hope. I am beyond grateful to be working with her, and I’m so excited to share a glimpse of a digital download I designed for her. It’s called ‘Hope Rules,’ and in it, she outlines 10 ways you can offer support to someone who is going through a difficult time. To get a copy of ‘Hope Rules,’ just visit and sign up to her newsletter!

Following Trends

I’ve never been one to follow trends, especially not when it comes to my work. I like to design pieces that reflect my client and their business, and not just what’s in style at the moment. My ears are apparently the same way. They also don’t like to follow the crowd. I recently discovered that I’m the ONE person on the planet who can’t wear Apple AirPods. They hurt my ears terribly! Fortunately, I was able to find other wireless earbuds on Amazon that work great with an iPhone. They are very comfortable and also much more affordable—not as cute, but not bad looking either. How about you? Are you part of the 99.99% of people who can wear AirPods?

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