LifeSafety Certificate Design

While I generally work with local businesses, every now and then I get to work with people from other parts of the country. Last fall, I started working with a great company based out of California. Life Safety offers high-quality and safety related training programs for businesses. I had the opportunity to help them revamp their old certificate templates, and together we created a new and modern design! So, it doesn’t matter where you are located, if you’re looking for services from a graphic designer, reach out to me. Always here to help!

Google Color Picker Tool

So here’s a quick tip that is incredibly useful when trying to pick out a color for your website. Search “color picker tool” on Google, and you’ll get an excellent little tool right there on the browser!

Move the slider left to right and drag the white circle around until you find the exact color you want. This free tool gives you the Hex color code, the RGB values, the CMYK values and more! Easy peasy!!!

Ready to start on your new logo design?

Each new year feels like a fresh start—a chance for new beginnings! It’s the perfect time to finally get working on that great business idea you’ve been playing around with in your head!!! You’ve already got the name picked out, and maybe you’ve already registered it too… so what’s the next step? A unique and great-looking logo to start branding your business! I can help you with that! My work process is very collaborative… from the first consultation to the final design stage, YOU are involved every step of the way. Are you ready to get started?

3 Easy Design Tips

Whether it’s motivational quotes, funny memes or holiday messages, everyone loves sharing graphics on social media. Here are 3 easy tips to make your graphics look their very best:

1 Limit Fonts

Use only 1 to 2 fonts on your graphic. Too many different fonts styles can create visual chaos and make the design look messy.

2 Align Elements

Alignment keeps things visually organized and creates a professional look.

3 Use White Space

Don’t try to fill up all empty areas. White Space balances out content, gives focus to what’s important and make a design look less cluttered.

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