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Google Your Business

We all “google” services, products and companies we are interested in. It’s safe to say that everyone uses Google daily to look up something.

Happy Flyer Design

Mondays aren’t really the happiest of days… but when you get to share a fun and lively Happy Hour event flyer, well, Mondays get a little bit happier!

Finding Inspiration

I draw a lot of my inspiration from places you’d expect, like social media, books or magazines. However, I love being inspired in less obvious places.

Brand vs Logo

While we sometimes tend to interchange the word “brand” and “logo,” they are definitely not the same thing. Yet, both are equally important to any company.

Your Queen Bead Brochure

Check out this brand new brochure I designed and printed for my longtime client and friend, Wendy Bolerjack, aka Your Queen Bead.

A glimpse at my work process…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hire me to design your logo? I’d love to give you a little insight with the following 4 steps that some up my work process in the simplest way.

Facebook Debugger

Have you ever shared a link on Facebook and battled with it displaying the right image? Sometimes, you don’t get a thumbnail at all… frustrating, right? That’s when the Facebook Debugger can save the day.

AA Builders Inc Logo Design

It’s officially April, and Spring has sprung! New logos are blooming all this month, and that’s no joke! Today I’d like to share with you one I just completed for a brand new client!

Thoughts on Blogging

There is so much I love about blogging. What are your thoughts on blogging? Do you blog? Do you follow any interesting blogs?

Crash Engineer Website Design

I recently designed and launched a new website for Crash Engineer, a company that provides accident reconstruction services in San Antonio.

Meeting Clients

Today I’m feeling thankful for the opportunities I have to meet the amazing individuals I call my clients.

Texas Specialty Steel Business Card Design & Print

Business cards still hold a purpose for entrepreneurs, and I base that on the fact that I still have clients that order cards regularly and in the thousands. Such is the case for my client, Texas Specialty Steel.

Beautiful Ambient Sounds

I could list a few things that help me stay focused throughout the day, but right now I’d like to talk about just one: ambiance. That’s right! I work best when I have tons of natural light coming through my window, the temperature is more warm than cold, the air smells of sweet cinnamon inspired candles, and… when there is noise.

Dream Big Invitation Design

A few weeks ago, I shared a sneak peek of an invitation I was designing for the Montessori School of San Antonio’s 2019 Annual Spring Gala. I had so much fun working on this project, and I recently delivered the finished prints to the client, which is why I’m excited to share them with you today!

Collaborative Design

I run my business a little differently than many in my line of work. I like working collaboratively with my clients… that means YOU are involved in every part of the project—from start to finish.

Property Sisters of Texas Business Card Design

While I like working on all different types of projects, I really enjoy taking part in the ones that feature women entrepreneurs, like these business cards for Property Sisters of Texas.

Have you heard of Picular?

Have you heard of Picular? I recently discovered this tool myself and was really impressed! Picular is a primary color generator that uses Google’s image search.

Camp MSSA Logo Design

Camp MSSA is an eight-week summer program that offers fun and stimulating activities for children. I had the pleasure of helping them create a brand new logo, unique to its purpose, but with ties to their existing school identity.

It’s time…

Do you ever wait until Monday to begin new projects? Maybe, you’re planning on starting “next month.” Or perhaps you’re waiting until it’s time for resolutions again.

No games here…

I love board games. We have a bunch of them at home, and we get new ones every year. However, when it comes to doing business, I don’t play games.

Mardi Gras Flyer Design

I recently designed this themed-flyer for Imagine Homes, and it was such fun to put it together!

New Tech Gadgets

I’m the kind of person who would rather buy a new tech gadget over jewelry, clothes or makeup. My latest purchase is the Qwertywriter S Keyboard, and it’s my new favorite tech toy!

Web Design Help

I create simple, great-looking and responsive WordPress websites for solopreneurs like yourself! I’m here to relieve pressure in your life, so how can I help you?

ecoEDI Credibility Statement

One of the pieces I’ve designed recently was for my talented client, Renee Joseph. Our latest collaboration was to create a credibility statement flyer.

Adding Text Over Photos

Are you familiar with the Preview app? Preview is the default application on Mac computers to view image files and most people don’t know that it comes with a few practical editing tools.

Weston Dean Brochures Design & Print

I can tell you til I’m blue in the face why I believe in the work that I do. But instead, I’ll use this sample of one of my favorite brochures I created for Weston Dean Custom Homes.

Google Fonts

Have you ever heard of Google Fonts? Google has a huge collection of fonts that you can preview online, use on your website or download to use on print projects for FREE!!!

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