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The Joy of Making Things

I like to make things. Throughout my life, I’ve been drawn to different activities that involve creating something—so it’s no surprise I ended up choosing a design career.

Jazzy Event Flyer

I know I talk about themed flyers all the time on here, so instead of telling you, I’ll just show you the latest one I’ve worked on!

Social Curator

If you’ve ever considered signing up for an online course or service to help with social media, I whole heartily encourage you to give Social Curator a try! You will not be disappointed!!!

Unexpected Twist

Something simple can quickly become interesting by adding an unexpected twist. These cards, for example—we used the standard European size, which makes them slightly taller and a bit more narrow than the standard US size.

Canned Responses

Do you sometimes find yourself writing the same exact emails over and over again? Today’s tip is on saving precious time by using canned responses.

Bergheim Ranch Logo Design

If you ever asked me to name the most memorable place I’ve ever had a meeting at, I would most definitely have to say it was Bergheim Ranch.


As I’ve pointed out before, I draw inspiration from random sources, even my tiny little friends that live on the porch.

Watkins & Shattles Postcard Design

Who doesn’t love getting a birthday card in the mail? In this very digital age, an actual printed card can spark the biggest of smiles in almost anyone!

Reward Yourself

How often do you reward yourself for a job well done? There are so many tiny victories along the path to reaching your goals.

Elite Roofing Services Business Card Design

One of my favorite things about fresh new prints is the feel of them in your hands, especially my 35pt Pearl Canvas cardstock because it’s extra thick and has a pearly texture that looks and feels amazing!

Taking a break…

Raise your hand if you need a break! The life of a solopreneur is usually a busy one. On days when I need to take a quick timeout, I turn to my books—audiobooks, that is. Listening to a great story never fails to relax, inspire and refuel me. What about you? What do...

IVECCS 2019 Preliminary Program Design

There’s something big I’m wanting to share today… I’ve been working as a graphic designer for over a decade, but it wasn’t until this year that I had the opportunity to work on a program book that is almost 60 pages long!

3 Image File Formats

It’s no secret that there are different types of file formats you can use to save your images as. But do you know the difference between the three most popular ones?

AA Builders Inc Business Card Design

There are many promotional items a business owner can choose to invest in. However, the first thing most of my clients ask for, as soon as we finalize their logo design, are business cards!

Dramatic Necessities

Is it dramatic to say that I couldn’t live without my iPad? I spend most days with it right next to my computer.

wbjdw Monogram Logo Design

I have a confession… when a client I loved working with reaches back to me with a new project, I do a happy dance!

Video Conferencing

I love technology! Video conferencing is not new by any means, but I’ve never used it this much before. I’m really enjoying how easy, practical and convenient it is.

Elite Roofing Services Logo Design

I have a brand new logo to share with you! I completed this project for Elite Roofing Services, a local roofing company owned by Ricardo Arredondo.

Are you considering hiring me?

I invite you to browse my website! I have an extensive portfolio, transparent pricing and straightforward descriptions of both my design process and my work style.

Mexican Fiesta Themed Flyer

What better way to wrap up this year’s Fiesta celebrations, than with a Mexican Fiesta themed flyer for an upcoming Ashton Woods Homes event!

Getting Reviews

One of the most powerful tools for convincing potential clients to work with us are reviews. Think about it—how many times have you searched for reviews on a company before calling them?

JAG’S DentTek Website Design

I’m excited to share a new website I designed for JAG’S DentTek. They specialize in getting rid of dents, dings and hail damage using a process called Paintless Dent Repair.


Every so often I like to do a formal introduction, so HELLO! First things first: I’m Barbara, a graphic designer from San Antonio, Texas.

Easter Themed Flyers

Easter is just around the corner, and ya’ll know one of my favorite things to work on are themed flyers!

Google Your Business

We all “google” services, products and companies we are interested in. It’s safe to say that everyone uses Google daily to look up something.

Happy Flyer Design

Mondays aren’t really the happiest of days… but when you get to share a fun and lively Happy Hour event flyer, well, Mondays get a little bit happier!

Finding Inspiration

I draw a lot of my inspiration from places you’d expect, like social media, books or magazines. However, I love being inspired in less obvious places.

Brand vs Logo

While we sometimes tend to interchange the word “brand” and “logo,” they are definitely not the same thing. Yet, both are equally important to any company.

Your Queen Bead Brochure

Check out this brand new brochure I designed and printed for my longtime client and friend, Wendy Bolerjack, aka Your Queen Bead.

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