IVECCS 2019 Preliminary Program Design

There’s something big I’m wanting to share today… I’ve been working as a graphic designer for over a decade, but it wasn’t until this year that I had the opportunity to work on a program book that is almost 60 pages long! I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about taking on this project. I had never done a book this big before, and I knew it included an elaborate multipage course schedule that would be a challenge to design. Thankfully, the VECCS team members in charge of coordinating with me were amazing! We were able to work smoothly and efficiently to create the IVECCS 2019 Preliminary Program—that’s right, it’s a preliminary book! That means a final program, with a few more pages in it, is coming later this year! But, now my nerves are gone, and I’m excited to tackle the next one! It’s hard work putting together a book this long, but it’s also very gratifying. I can’t wait to show you guys the final program in the fall!

3 Image File Formats

3 Image File Formats

It’s no secret that there are different types of image file formats, but do you know the difference between the three most popular ones? I’m frequently asked by clients what each format is for. So today’s tip is about breaking down the basics on the JPG, GIF, and PNG image file formats:


Ideal for most images, especially photographs. They are lossy – which means they do not retain all the image data. Data deemed unnecessary on the picture gets deleted to compress the file.


They are usually simpler graphics and are ideal for animations. They retain all data, but they can only support up to 256 colors which is why you can sometimes see gradations between colors, also known as banding.


Are ideal for images that require transparency—no white background! They also retain all data and can support thousands of colors, but they tend to be much larger files.

There you have it! Let me know if you still have questions on this and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

AA Builders Inc Business Card Design

There are many promotional items a business owner can choose to invest in, such as ads, flyers, signs, posters, envelopes, stickers, etc. However, the first thing most of my clients ask for, as soon as we finalize their logo design, are business cards! This was the case with one of my newest clients, Alex Rodriguez from AA Builders Inc. Right after we completed his logo, we turned our focus to creating a sleek and fresh card design. I really like how bold the red and black colors look on his new cards. What about you? Do you need new business cards? If so, drop me a line today!

wbjdw Monogram Logo Design

I have a confession… when a client I loved working with reaches back to me with a new project, I do a happy dance! Jenny Walker is the owner of Uncommon Covers, a business that creates unique handcrafted drinkwear. I had the opportunity to work with her over a year ago on a new logo design, and I instantly became a fan of her products! Last month, Jenny contacted me again about redesigning a personal monogram of her and her husband’s initials. They like artwork with contemporary, clean lines and something that can easily translate to different colors. I’m so pleased with the end result, but most importantly, they were happy with it too! Do you want a personal monogram logo created? If so, drop me a line!

Rhapsody Counseling & Wellness Center Logo Design

Rhapsody Counseling Logo Design

My to-do list is looong this week… but the first item to check off on this busy Monday is to share with you one of my latest logos designs! Rhapsody Counseling & Wellness Center is a new local business that will provide counseling services for families, couples and individuals. It’s owned and operated by the lovely Jirzia Blackman—one of my newest clients! I really enjoyed working with Jirzia on this project. She and I were a great fit! We worked smoothly throughout the entire design process, bouncing ideas back and forth, and bringing her vision to life. I’m delighted with how this logo turned out! What do you have on your to-do list today?

Elite Roofing Services Logo Design

Elite Roofing Services Logo Design

I love helping small business owners with their branding! Creating a logo is a fun and creative process that combines the client’s vision with the designer’s craft… and today I have a brand new logo to share with you! I completed this project for Elite Roofing Services, a local roofing company owned by Ricardo Arredondo. I really enjoyed working with Ricardo on the artwork and incorporating elements into it that have strong and meaningful significance to him. Are you looking to create a new logo for your business? If so, let’s talk!

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