Are you considering hiring me?

Considering Hiring Me

If you’ve considered using me as your graphic designer but found yourself wondering if we’d be a good fit. Then, I invite you to browse my website and see some of my previous work. I have an extensive portfolio, transparent pricing and straightforward descriptions of both my design process and my work style. I strive to bring my client’s vision to life with every project. Sound tempting? Learn more about me and how I work!

Mexican Fiesta Themed Flyer

As Fiesta comes to an end, and a new week starts, I’m left feeling sad that all the festivities are over. However, it’s Monday, and nothing cheers me up more on a Monday than sharing a new project. What better way to wrap up this year’s Fiesta celebrations, than with a Mexican Fiesta themed flyer for an upcoming Ashton Woods Homes event!

JAG’S DentTek Website Design

You know how annoying it is to get a dent in your car, especially if it’s a new vehicle! That was my experience last fall, but luckily I have an awesome client (and brother) that was able to fix it right up! So, today I’m excited to share a new website I designed for his business, JAG’S DentTek. He specializes in getting rid of dents, dings and hail damage using a process called Paintless Dent Repair. This site’s main purpose was to inform potential clients about how the method works and for them to be able to see photos of the process and the results! Do you need a website that provides more insight into what you do? If so, drop me a line!



Every so often I like to do a formal introduction, so HELLO! First things first: I’m Barbara, a graphic designer from San Antonio, Texas. I love helping small businesses and solopreneurs with all things design-related, from logos to business cards, to flyers and websites! And since it’s Spring, let’s chat about it, shall we? As far as flowers, my favorites are roses. I always intend to do spring cleaning early on in the season, but it usually ends up being more of a summer cleaning—don’t judge! And, like many other people living in San Antonio, I suffer from terrible allergies during this time of year. So there it is. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’d love to know more about YOU, so let me know where you’re from in the comments below so we can celebrate spring together!

Easter Themed Flyers

Easter is just around the corner, and ya’ll know one of my favorite things to work on are themed flyers! Spring colors, cute bunnies, and a fun event flyer are all I need to make me smile! Are you in need of some bright and colorful flyers designed with an upcoming season or holiday in mind? If so, I’d love to help! Just reach out to me today for more information.

Happy Flyer Design

Mondays aren’t really the happiest of days… but when you get to share a fun and lively Happy Hour event flyer, well, Mondays get a little bit happier! I’ve worked on a lot of flyers over the years—I have over 100 samples of them on my website—but I never get tired of picking out graphics, planning out the layout and putting together bright and cheery pieces like this one!

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