DIY or Hire Someone?

When I first discovered HGTV, I became obsessed with DIY projects. I was convinced that my side hustle would be restoring old furniture! While there are many people with a talent for that, I quickly discovered that I did not possess the qualities necessary for that type of job. I lack the time, the physical effort, and the patience needed for it. After some significant DIY project fails, I decided to stop trying to do it MYSELF, and I reached out to people who were great at it. So, if you’ve been trying to design a logo, a flyer or a postcard on your own and you are finding yourself stuck… please consider reaching out to me! I may not be good at DIY, but I am skilled at designing logos and branded collateral materials, and I’d be more than happy to help!

More Samples or Curated Work?

It’s hard to believe that a little over a decade ago, I only had a handful of samples of my work. Today, I’m proud to have a full portfolio with well over 400 projects on display on my website. And, I still get excited every time I add a new piece to it! But the BIG question is… do clients want to see that many samples of my work? Or would they rather see a curated collection of only the best of the best? I asked this a while back on one of my Instagram stories, and the answers leaned towards a curated collection. What do YOU think? Can you help a girl out and leave your preference in the comments below!

Emerge Counseling Logo Design

When you know, you know, am I right? Some business owners have a crystal clear vision of what they’re looking for in a logo. Tonya Smith, from Emerge Counseling and Coaching Services, is one of those lucky people who knew without question was she wanted her branding to be. I really enjoyed working with Tonya and helping her bring her ideas to life. The clarity and direction she provided allowed me to design a logo that was just right for her business! Are you looking for a logo designer? If so, let’s chat!

Rev Up Recess Logo Design

Ever feel like just shaking things up? Well, my awesome clients are doing just that! I’m happy to share a new logo I recently designed for Rev Up Recess! Olivia Weisinger and Amanda McMickle have partnered up to create a movement that is bringing play back to kids in our schools and our communities. Their focus is reviving a forgotten, yet vital classroom: Recess! It’s been so fun to work on this project with Olivia and Amanda! And we’re not stopping at just the logo, we are currently working on other collateral materials that I can’t wait to share with you too! Are you needing help your business logo? If so, reach out and let’s chat!

CMV Commercial Services Logo Design

CMV Commercial Services Logo Design

One of my favorite things about designing logos is how they can incorporate personal aspects that connect with the business owner while still representing the business itself. In fact, many clients would agree that it’s those personal details that make their logo more unique and special to them. Such is the case with this new logo I recently designed for CMV Commercial Services. The owners, Constance and Veronica, really wanted their brand to include their own personality and style. Together, we created a logo that represented their company as well as themselves. Are you needing help with a custom logo design? Let’s chat!

iLease Central Logo Design

I love working with amazing entrepreneurs—it’s a privilege to be part of someone’s business journey. I get an unexpected joy listening to my clients talk about their new business ideas and helping them create a logo that will proudly represent their new company. Today, I’d like to share a logo design I created for Renee and Elinda Joseph. Their new business, iLease Central, will provide both landlords and tenants with an organized and convenient online space for everything related to leasing, simplifying communication between both parties. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Renee before, and I have no doubt that she and Elinda will make this new venture a success! Are you starting a new business? If you need a graphic designer to help you create a logo, let’s talk!

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