The Joy of Making Things

I like to make things. Throughout my life, I’ve been drawn to different activities that involve creating something—so it’s no surprise I ended up choosing a design career. I’ve dabbled in acrylic painting, chalk drawing, clay sculpting, and papermaking. I took up photography for a while, and I really got into sewing a few years ago as well. One summer, I’ve even attempted to build furniture—which was a total fail. Truthfully, I never mastered any of these things, and none of them became lifelong hobbies. Nevertheless, they were all very entertaining and fun to try! What do you like making?


I hate insects and creepy crawling bugs. Slimy, hairy, yucky pests are the worst! But there is one type of intruder I don’t usually mind, the lizard! These long-tailed reptiles actually eat other pests so as far as I’m concerned, they are on my side! Plus, as a graphic designer, I really enjoy studying the bright colors and patterns that cover their skin. Even the transparent ones are interesting to look at! As I’ve pointed out before, I draw inspiration from random sources, even my tiny little friends that live on the porch.

Reward Yourself

How often do you reward yourself for a job well done? There are so many tiny victories along the path to reaching your goals. Before I had a consistent stream of work, I would take the time to celebrate small milestones with a fun treat. I’d either buy myself a new outfit, go for a mani/pedi or indulge in something sweet. It took hard work to get to where I am today, and the journey is far from over… so perhaps I’ll reward myself with two scoops of my favorite ice cream this afternoon! How do you do treat yourself after a long day?

Taking a break…

Raise your hand if you need a break! The life of a solopreneur is usually a busy one. On days when I need to take a quick timeout, I turn to my books—audiobooks, that is. Listening to a great story never fails to relax, inspire and refuel me. What about you? What do you turn to when you need to take a break?

Dramatic Necessities

Dramatic Necessities

Is it dramatic to say that I couldn’t live without my iPad? I spend most days with it right next to my computer. I use it to stream TV shows or play my favorite music station while I work. Often, I use it as a sketch pad to draw out ideas of projects I’m working on. And it never fails to be the easiest device to take to meetings with clients. For me, having an iPad is a must! What can’t you live without?



Every so often I like to do a formal introduction, so HELLO! First things first: I’m Barbara, a graphic designer from San Antonio, Texas. I love helping small businesses and solopreneurs with all things design-related, from logos to business cards, to flyers and websites! And since it’s Spring, let’s chat about it, shall we? As far as flowers, my favorites are roses. I always intend to do spring cleaning early on in the season, but it usually ends up being more of a summer cleaning—don’t judge! And, like many other people living in San Antonio, I suffer from terrible allergies during this time of year. So there it is. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’d love to know more about YOU, so let me know where you’re from in the comments below so we can celebrate spring together!

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