First Consultation

All my clients get a FREE first consultation in which we go over the project. In this first meeting I learn about your business, and you learn about my design process. We also cover the details, budget and timeline of the project. Shortly after our first consultation you will receive a proposal reflecting the cost of the project.

Getting Organized

If you just need help to organize the content for your project, then you can request extra consultation time. Some clients find that having someone help them go over the content for each web page, brochure, etc. is beneficial because it makes them set aside time to do it.


If you need help writing the wording for your project, I would suggest hiring a copywriter. I can help you clean up and correct content you provide, but I will not write it entirely for you. We can schedule a consultation to get your ideas on paper, but please remember that no one knows as much as you do about your business.

Scanned Documents / Tons Of Pictures

I am happy to help you as much as I can, however retyping information or going through a large amount of photos does increase the work time in a project significantly. If I have to retype a large amount of content from scanned or handwritten documents, my time will be charged per hour. I can also help you choose the best photographs for your projects, but if you send me over 50 images I will consider it as consultation time.



Help with organizing content or project related activities and/or discussions.
 *Prices are subject to sales tax and may change at any time without prior notice.

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