Curated Quotes

Funny, witty, or thought-provoking quotes curated throughout the year.

2023 Curated Quotes

Love at first sight
Like a grown up
I'm 41
You're old
Christmas Anxiety

2022 Curated Quotes

Feeling grateful for the little things
When life shuts a door
A good friend is like
The main function of the little toe
I want to be successful
If I say the words
I like to say no worries
I don't have an inner child
Last week

2021 Curated Quotes

I exercised once
If I could teleport
I think I may need professional help
It takes a certain amount of skill
My favorite exercise is
I'm at that age
Whoever said
I'll be like
Why are the choices
The prince wasn't the hero
They should make an alarm clock
I feel sorry for people who don't have dogs.
Nobody told me
My wildest fantasy
So you're telling me
The two stages of Christmas shopping

2020 Curated Quotes

First five days of the week
Make it happen
Fridge Light
New movie
Morning person
The wrong pillow
Salad bowl
Storms and rainbows
Talking to animals
Witches from fairy tales
Friday 13th
Hand sanitizer
Terms & conditions

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