Design Process

1. Meet

Whether over the phone or a cup of coffee, the first consultation is where we get to know each other.

For me, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your company, your customers, your competitors and your budget. For you, it’s a chance to get to ask me questions about my experience and the design process.

During this conversation we determine your expectations in terms of design, style, preferred colors, layout, functionality and timeline. We’ll discuss and review your current logo, website or advertising material, whatever the case may be.

Once we decide we are a good fit, I will start creating a proposal for your project.


2. Sign

After we meet, I will email you a proposal with the cost for the project. If you approve and decide to move forward I’ll email you an agreement as well.

I will need your approval on the proposal, the signed agreement and a 50% deposit before any work is scheduled or started. Approving a proposal can be as simple as an email saying “Approved”; however, agreements must be signed/initialed and returned to me.

Once I receive these three items I’ll add you to my schedule and ask that you start emailing me the content (pictures and verbiage) for your project.

I also request that you send me examples of work you like (from my portfolio or from online) so that I get a better visual understanding of the style you have in mind.

3. Design

Logo Design
I will provide three design options with different styles, colors and fonts. You might like one as is or request changes to your favorite. You can also request to mix and match elements from all three. I will make a reasonable amount of revisions on the design until we get to one that you like.

Advertising Material
When designing items such as business cards, flyers, ads, postcards, posters, etc. I will do one design option. You might like it as is or request a reasonable amount of revisions until we get to a design you like.

WordPress Website
I will start with the design of the home page and send you a link to review it. You might like the overall look/feel as is or request a reasonable amount of revisions. Once approved, I continue building the rest of the website providing you frequent updates to get continuous feedback as I build each page.


4. Approve

Once your logo design, print design or website is approved and the remaining balance is paid, I will release the logo files to you, print your design project, or launch your website, whatever the case may be!

I will usually blog about your project, showcase it on my website and share it on social media. Your project may also be entered in a design competition.

If you feel that I did a good job you may want to leave a review on my Google or Facebook page. You can also email it to me to post on my website’s Raves page.

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