Disable the Content Preparation Progress Dialog Box

Mar 27, 2019 | Business Tools, Tips & Tutorials

Content Preparation Progress Dialog Box

Have you ever opened an Adobe Acrobat document and had a pesky little dialog box appear over it? You know the one… it’s titled “Content Preparation Progress,” and it pops up every time you open a new PDF file, especially if it has multiple pages.

If you work with PDF files often, closing that window over and over again can inevitably start to get annoying. However, you can get rid of it once and for all in just a few steps.

How To Disable The Dialog Box

Go To Preferences

Open Adobe Acrobat and go to the PREFERENCES options located on the top toolbar.

Reading Category

Click on READING from the list of categories and then look for the SCREEN READER OPTIONS.

Disable Reading The Entire Document

Under the Page vs Document dropdown, change the selection to ONLY READ THE CURRENTLY VISIBLE PAGES and click OK.

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