Facebook Debugger

Apr 3, 2019 | Facebook, Social Media, Tips & Tutorials

Facebook Debugger

Have you ever shared a link on Facebook and battled with it displaying the right image? Sometimes, you don’t get a thumbnail at all… frustrating, right? That’s when the Facebook Debugger can save the day. This tool lets you preview how a link will look when shared. It can also detect any issues and force it to pull the latest data from the site. It’s a very handy and FREE tool!

How Does It Work?

Enter the link you want to test into the field and click DEBUG. After that, I usually like to click on SCRAPE AGAIN, which forces it to pull the latest data instead of any cached images.

The preview lets you see if there is anything you need to fix. Remember to run another test after making changes to make sure it updates the data again. Once you are happy with how it looks, you can share the link on Facebook, and it should display as it did on the preview.

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