Weisinger Law Firm Attorney Flyers

Aug 1, 2023 | Ads & Flyers

When people think of branded materials, they usually focus on those that entice individuals to learn more about what their business does. Marketing pieces that can help with acquiring new clients. However, branded materials can also create an experience for existing clients, providing credibility and peace of mind. These types of pieces promote client retention.

While I enjoy designing for all purposes, my favorite types of projects are the ones meant to create an experience. Those pieces no longer focus on grasping attention or interest. Their intention is to make clients feel assured and connected to the business. Check out these handouts I helped design for the Weisinger Law Firm. These branded flyers highlight individual attorneys and are placed within an informational folder given to clients so they can have all the details they need about the attorney helping them.

Does your business invest in branded materials that provide an experience to existing clients? Or do you only focus on marketing pieces meant to attract new ones?

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