3 Pieces Of Advice About Clients For Graphic Design Students

Mar 4, 2021 | For Design Students, Tips & Tutorials

Advice For Student Graphic Designers

As graphic design students, we are taught that we know better than our clients regarding design. And while it’s true that we might know more about things like composition, color, and specialized software, my years in this business have taught me that our clients’ input is the most valuable tool in the design process. If I could go back in time to when I was a student, I’d give myself three pieces of advice:

Advice For Graphic Design Students About Clients


Don't Undervalue Your Client

Your clients are a goldmine of ideas and knowledge. Absorb all the information that you can from them!


Learn To Talk & Listen

Don’t just learn to design. Learn how to talk to people. But most importantly, learn how to listen because no matter how much research you do, the client will always know more about their company and their industry than you.


Good Customer Service Is Essential

Customer service is just as important as design services—maybe even more important. Think about how many times you’ve stopped working with someone because of poor customer service despite their products being good.

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