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Hello, I’m Barbara

I am the woman behind BlackStone Studio. I’m a graphic designer living in San Antonio, Texas, helping solopreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses with custom logo design and branded collateral material. As a designer, I enjoy working on all different types of projects, and with people from all kinds of industries! I specialize in creating simple, great-looking pieces that reflect you and your business!

Are we a good fit?

Not everyone is, but that’s ok. The important thing is to figure it out early on to avoid frustration. So here are a few things you should know about how I work.

Barbara Holland

I’m Only Human

I’m only one person, so I can only accept a limited amount of projects at a time, which is why I tend to be selective with the work I take on.

Project Update

 Client Collaboration

I not only work for you, but WITH YOU. My clients collaborate with me, providing clear direction and constant feedback throughout the entire project.

Rush Work

Rush Work

I only accept rush work from existing clients because doing good work in a short amount of time requires trust and familiarity with your company.

What I Do:

I design and print logos, business cards, letterheads, flyers, ads, brochures, program books, signage, social media graphics, and more! 

What I Don’t:

I don’t build or design websites, provide copywriting services, plan business strategies, or coordinate marketing campaigns.

My ideal client…


collaborates with me throughout the entire project.


offers clear direction and guidance about their vision.


replies back with feedback in a timely manner.


understands that I bring THEIR ideas to life.


provides all content at the start of the project.


sends practical file formats like JPG, PDF or EPS for images and Word documents for verbiage.

A bit more about me

The Beginning

My love of design began when I was very young. I used to make hand-drawn notecards for friends and create artwork out of magazine cutouts. Then came computers, and I’d spend hours playing with WordArt and Paint. Needless to say, I knew early on that whatever I chose to do in life had to be artistic.


I am originally from Piedras Negras, a border town in México. Attending schools in both countries helped me become fluent in English and Spanish. In 2004, I graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Monterrey. In 2005, I moved to San Antonio, Texas, where I earned a second degree as a Multimedia Specialist from Northwest Vista College.

Becoming A Solopreneur

In 2008, I started BlackStone Studio, a graphic design company in San Antonio. And while I am a one-woman show, my business wouldn’t exist without the help of my amazing husband and my incredible vendors.

Justin and Barbara Holland

In 2008, I married this handsome guy, Justin Holland.

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