5 Ways Of Getting Reviews

Apr 26, 2019 | For Entrepreneurs, Tips & Tutorials

Getting Reviews

One of the most powerful tools for convincing potential clients to work with us are reviews. Think about it—how many times have you searched for reviews on a company before calling them? What impact did they have on your decision to hire them?

I’ve compiled a few ways that you can encourage your clients to leave reviews. Most people won’t even think about writing one unless they’ve had a bad experience. So, here are five ways to get more happy customers raving about your services:

A Checklist On How To Get Reviews


Ask Them

People often need a prompt. At the end of the project, kindly ask them if they would consider leaving a review about their experience working with you. 


Give Them Options

Always provide several platforms they can use, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, or even a form on your own site.


Make It Easy

Send them links directly to the places where they can leave a review. Have the links handy on your website or include them in your email signature.


Remind Them

Send out an email newsletter, write a blog article, or publish a social media post about how valuable client reviews are to you and your business success.


Share Their Reviews

Share customer reviews on your website and on your social media accounts. This will give you an opportunity to show your gratitude, as well as highlight that client’s own business. It might also inspire other clients to leave a review.

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