Advanced Allergy SA Logo Design

Jul 13, 2021 | Logos

Change is not always comfortable. In fact, it’s usually not. When I went from being an employee to becoming my own boss, I had a lot to learn about running a business—like everything! I knew all about design but very little about everything else. Some of my clients, who have also left a job behind to start their own business or who have begun a new venture after retirement, have gone through something similar. However, most of them are incredibly savvy and much more prepared than I ever was! Many of them began their entrepreneurial journey by getting a professionally designed logo. As I continue to build my graphic design company into what I’ve dreamt it could be, I feel grateful to be a part of that initial stage with them. That was a major reason why I started my own business in the first place. I enjoy working with all kinds of entrepreneurs, helping them with logo design and branded materials, so they have everything they need to promote their new business. With that said, I’d love to share with you this logo I recently created for Advanced Allergy SA, a new clinic that will be opening its doors this September in Alamo Ranch! Working with Dr. Freiler has been a pleasure, and I have no doubt his practice will be a success!

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