Camerata San Antonio Logo Design

Apr 6, 2021 | Behind The Scenes, Logo Design

Do you come up with ideas easily, or does it take some serious work? Although people expect a graphic designer to have hundreds of creative concepts on standby, for me, it takes time and effort. When I’m working on a new logo, I like to learn as much as possible before the actual design process begins. I ask my clients many questions, I surf the web for information, and I browse both the real world and the digital one for inspiration. Only after I do research do ideas start to flow, and eventually, solid concepts begin to develop.

I recently designed this new logo for Camerata San Antonio. The client and I initially talked about drawing inspiration from artwork used in their past to bring in elements the quartet had a connection with. As part of my research, we also discussed the new logo’s style and feel, ensuring the new concept would fit seamlessly with their existing marketing pieces. In addition to that, I looked up similar musical groups to learn what others were doing. Finally, I drew inspiration from their instruments. I studied the shapes, silhouettes, and their distinctive parts, such as their strings, bow, and scroll.

When you need to develop a new idea for a project in your field, how do you get your creative juices flowing?

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