Candy Bro’s Logo Design

Jan 12, 2022 | Logos

As a graphic designer, I do a lot of sketches and digital drawings, but I’ve never considered myself an illustrator even though, there is some overlap when it comes to creating graphic artwork. Most of the logos I design have marks that range from minimal and abstract to more detailed and representational graphics. It’s not often I get to design characters for a logo, which I associate more with what an illustrator would do. However, last fall, I had the amazing opportunity to create two cute monsters for a new candy brand. Candy Bro’s is a new business led by two brothers bringing Mexican candy to San Antonio. It was very fun to do a bit of illustration for this project, especially when playing with monster concepts. So, if you have a logo design in mind that might require a bit more detailed drawings, let’s chat to see if I can help!

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