A Decade of Design for SACMS

For ten years, BlackStone Studio has been doing web design and graphic design for the San Antonio Chamber Music Society, a local non-profit organization dedicated to bringing world-class chamber music artists to perform every year here in San Antonio.

This October, SACMS will be opening their 76th season with the critically acclaimed Brentano Quartet accompanied by the 5-time Grammy Award winner and beloved American soprano, Dawn Upshaw. And that’s only the first show! SACMS presents five concerts each year, and none of them ever disappoint!

With every season, comes the need to create new and fresh graphics to promote the performances and concert ticket sales. I work closely with specific board members to achieve this. Together, we create brand-cohesive material that compliments their program book. We carry those design elements into their website, revamping it with each season, and creating new promotional online graphics to share on social media and through email marketing.

I also help them put together and format their regular blog posts, a service I exclusively offer to SACMS, and no other client. They have an outstanding writer, E. Doyle, who composes the most beautiful articles about her experiences, travels, and thoughts surrounding her love of music. She has a remarkable gift for writing! It is a pleasure to be among the first people to read her pieces, but even more, to be the one who adds the visual components to accompany her words.
So if you enjoy excellent chamber music performances, I encourage you to buy your tickets for these fantastic concerts now! Their season subscriptions are truly the best deal in town! Or you can visit their website at www.sacms.org and browse their blog to catch up on some of E. Doyle’s latest articles. Perhaps, her beautifully crafted words will inspire you to attend one of this season’s star-studded performances!

SACMS Custom Email Ad

SACMS Email AdThe San Antonio Chamber Music Society is celebrating 70 seasons of World Class Artistry. Each year, SACMS brings outstanding ensembles to our city who not only give amazing performances, but also take part in educational outreach events organized at area high schools and other institutions.

BlackStone Studio has been working with SACMS since 2008 on both their website design and maintenance, as well as creating promotional email ads. This season we’ve revamped their email ads with even more vibrancy and color to further reflect the excitement around their 70th season!

Check out this custom designed email ad that just went out this week and visit their website at www.sacms.org if you’d like to find out more about their next concert!

Next Concert:
Opus One Piano Quartet
November 11th, 2012 at 3:15PM
Temlple-Beth El
211 Belknap Place

Click Here For Detailed Concert Information
Click Here To Purchase SACMS Tickets Online

Custom Designed Email Ads

One of my favorite things to design is email ads. Below are some of my favorites from this year so far from Pink Chalet Boutique and Merle Norman stores in San Antonio. Email ads are saved as web friendly images that can be sent manually or through an email marketing company, such as Vertical Response. And, if you read my blog, you know I love and recommend Vertical Response for easy to use, affordable and designer friendly email marketing campaigns.

Pink Chalet Boutique is inside some Merle Norman stores and they carry the hottest designer brands in clothing and accessories. It’s so fun for me to design creative new email ads centered around fashion! Contact me if you’re interested in having BlackStone Studio design your next email ad too.

Design Challenge: First Place Winner!

For those of you who read my blog or have met with me for project consults, you know how much I love Vertical Response. If you want to start sending email blasts (email marketing) you definitely should try them! Their interface is very user friendly and their prices are very affordable.

At the end of last year, I received an email from them announcing they were going to have an email template design contest. The winners would get to have their design become an official Vertical Response template and would also receive a very generous Apple gift card. So, I entered the contest… at the very last minute actually. I had been so busy with BlackStone Studio work, I submitted my design only a few hours before the deadline. I named it “Blue Burst”.

The first round of voting was done by Vertical Response. They chose the best templates and then opened the contest for public voting. The votes were based on Facebook “likes”. I got off to a nice start with the most votes, but then another designer started catching up. It soon became a very close race between his design and mine. We kept changing from first to second place, back and forth, as we both got more votes. At the end, I won with 860 votes!!! And when I say “the end”, I mean we were still getting votes minutes before the cut-off that was at 12:00AM PST (2:00AM my time). I won by 18 votes, so I have to give the other designer credit. Actually, all the winners had awesome designs!

I’m very proud to say that my design is now an official Vertical Response Template!!! You can see their announcement of the winners on the Vertical Response blog.

I have to thank everyone who voted! All my friends, family and clients! Without your support I would not have won. I also want to give a shout out to iFMradio in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, who helped promote my contest entry on their radio show. That was awesome! It is great when your hometown supports you and I am truly grateful.

If you want to use my design template, you can by opening a free account with Vertical Response!

Pink Chalet Boutique Email Blast Design

A couple weeks ago, I posted some email blast ad designs BlackStone Studio has been creating  for Pink Chalet Boutique, a designer clothing and accessory store located inside North Star Mall and at the Strand Shopping Center. Below are some new ones, from Black Friday and a Vera Bradley Gift special offer. BlackStone Studio can help you design quick email blast ads for your business too!

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