Expectation VS Reality

Sep 7, 2022 | Behind The Scenes

Ready for a healthy dose of Expectation vs. Reality? Some think my life as a graphic designer is filled with creativity, exciting projects, and fun tasks. They might picture me working from a fabulous office with a view of the downtown. I’m wearing a cool outfit while sitting in from of a minimal and modern desk, while an endless amount of amazing ideas flow out of my head and into my computer with a few clicks of the mouse. Oh, and an awesome music soundtrack plays in the background.

The reality is that I work from a home office with a pretty ordinary view of my street. Most days, you’ll find me looking frazzled, wearing leggings and a messy bun while sitting in front of a cluttered desk. While I do have creative and fun design moments, most ideas don’t come easily. Sometimes, my days are filled with research and emails to clients. Other days, I spend doing changes, revisions, and reformats. Like any job, there are dull and tedious tasks to be completed as well. My job may not always be as glamorous as some imagine, but I absolutely love what I do! Can you relate?!

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