Google Color Picker — Free Online Color Tool

Jan 16, 2019 | Google Products & Services, Tips & Tutorials

Google Color Picker

Have you ever had trouble finding the right color for a project? Or perhaps you already have a color in mind, but you don’t know what Hex code or which CMYK values to use for it.

The Google Color Picker is a free and convenient online tool that can help you, whether you are searching for color inspiration or wanting to pinpoint a specific shade.

How Does It Work?

Click on the link above or search for COLOR PICKER TOOL on Google, and the first thing that will show up on the results page will be a color picker right there on the browser!

Move the circle slider on the rainbow bar from left to right to look through the colors. Once you’ve landed on one you like, move around the white circle located on the top right corner of the gradient box until you find the right shade or tint. This handy tool will display useful color information such as the Hex code, RGB values, and CMYK values.

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