Google Your Business

We all “google” services, products, and companies we are interested in. It’s safe to say that everyone uses Google daily to look something up. With that in mind, I’d like to remind you about a simple and straightforward way to check your online presence: Google your business!

A Checklist For What To Look For


See What They See

Use a different browser or open an incognito window to try to replicate what your potential clients are finding without your own Google account settings or search preferences getting in the way.


Look For Your Website

If you don’t see your business listed somewhere on the first results page, it might be time to optimize your website. Add or update keywords within the verbiage on your main pages. Make sure you have ALT descriptions on important images within your site. And start putting out new content more frequently.


Check Your Google Business Listing

Make sure that you have a Google business listing set up and that all the contact information on it is correct.


Browse Your Reviews

Look over your reviews and remember to respond to any negative ones because it shows accountability and that you care about your clients’ experience.


Switch To An Image Search

See what images pop up. You may need to add recent photos to your Google listing, website, or social media profiles so that those start getting picked up by search engines.

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