Jump In When Ready

Feb 21, 2023 | This and That

When I was about six years old, my mom enrolled me in swimming lessons. I can still remember the overwhelming fear I felt when I laid eyes on the ginormous pool. I seemed ten times bigger than any pool I’d been in before. Although I’ve never been afraid of water, I was a shy kid in a new environment, in a group class where I didn’t know anyone. There were too many unknowns, so anxiety kicked in. Thankfully, I had a kind and empathetic instructor who understood that I wasn’t ready to “jump in” like the others. So, he let me sit by the edge of the pool, dangling my feet in the water. He handed me his watch and had me help him keep track of time, explaining what the lessons would be like. I’m so grateful he didn’t push me to participate that first day. He found a way for me to still be part of the class while allowing me to get acclimated and comfortable. By the second day, I was in the water and started learning with the group.

While this story has nothing to do with graphic design, the approach the instructor took when I was hesitant is the same one I try to take with potential clients. When someone reaches out to me about a logo design or a graphic design project, they usually need time before deciding if they want to move forward. And I completely understand it! You want to ensure you are comfortable with me and how I work. I don’t push or persuade anyone to “jump in” until they are ready. So, while you are considering working with me, I can show you samples of past projects, talk you through my workflow, and answer any questions you might have so that you can feel confident with your decision. Does that sound like something you’d like to know more about? If so, let’s chat!

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