Landa Gardens Sponsorship Form Design

Nov 25, 2020 | Forms

There are many things to give thanks for, even during a year like this. In fact, it’s during tough times that we usually realize everything we typically take for granted. You can appreciate the small things like having your morning coffee or the big things like having your loved ones be healthy and safe. But now, I also have a new appreciation for all stuff we can start enjoying once again. Things we probably didn’t think to be thankful for before, like visiting a public park or taking your kids to a local playground. My clients at Landa Gardens Conservancy know all about that! Unfortunately, they were forced to close their grounds for a few months due to the pandemic. If you’ve ever visited Landa Gardens, you know what a retreat it is for the community. So, I’m also grateful to have the opportunity to design meaningful pieces. I recently finished putting together a new sponsorship letter and form for Landa Gardens—an essential tool for them as they count on the community’s support to maintain the grounds. What are you feeling thankful for today?

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