Life Safety First Aid Kits

Mar 27, 2020 | Packaging

Life Safety First Aid Kits

When I decided to study graphic design, friends and family started asking me to describe what exactly a graphic designer does? I’d grab anything around me, like a restaurant to-go cup, to show them the logo artwork. I explained how they can design pages of content, like in magazines or catalogs. I’d use a half-eaten box of cookies to illustrate product packaging. Pointing out the window to a sign, I told them how they also work on signage. If you look around right now, I bet you could find at least 10 things that required a graphic designer’s talent.

I love it when I get to design something that’s not usually part of a basic branding package. Life Safety recently hired me to work on labels for a first aid wall kit and for a personal first aid kit. It took us a couple of weeks, a handful of proofs, and a few layout tweaks to create them. They needed to be brand cohesive yet simple, but most importantly, easy to identify and practical.

Do you need the help of a graphic designer for a project that may not be a typical marketing piece? If so, reach out and tell me all about it!

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