New Year, New Prices!

Dec 14, 2021 | Logo Design, News, Printing

What things do you do to prepare your business for the new year? I take some time to look back and assess which strategies worked and which didn’t. I brainstorm new add-ons for my branding bundles and outline testing periods and launches for new service offerings. I also plan out investments in both new technologies and potential vendors. But perhaps the most important end-of-the-year process is evaluating my prices.

In 2022, the most significant price change will be for my logo design bundles, which have grown to include countless more logo versions, file formats, and tools. While those prices are going up due to added value, you’ll also see printing prices increase due to inflation. As I continue planning and preparing for next year, feel free to inquire about my services. Any quotes I provide this week will honor this year’s rates, regardless of whether your project is scheduled to start until January or February. So, don’t wait!

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