Physical planner or virtual planner?

Sep 7, 2021 | Behind The Scenes

Physical planner or virtual planner… which do you prefer? I map out my schedule each week digitally. I use the Todoist app combined with the Google calendar to keep me on track! However, I like writing down projects notes, ideas, and reminders on paper, which is why I go through a few notebooks every year. Last week, though, one of my favorite calligraphers and artists, Tara from Rad & Happy, came out with this awesome planner for creatives. And guys, it is so well thought out that I bought myself one immediately! It includes undated monthly spreads, project sheets with list sections and status markers, two bookmarks, and tons of blank brainstorming pages! The cover is also really cool—designed to encourage creatives to actually use it. I’m so excited to start writing in it! So, I’m curious about what methods you use to keep up with your business schedule. Drop your preference in the comments!

Disclaimer: I genuinely purchased and like this product and was not paid to promote it.

Nothing on this blog should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation. Please read the full disclaimer.


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