Scheduling Calls

Feb 28, 2020 | This and That

When I was a teenager, I loved getting phone calls. I loved making phone calls. I loved talking on the phone for hours! Nowadays, calls are something I force myself to schedule and limit. Why? Because as an entrepreneur, time management is essential. When I’m with a client or focused on a design project, my phone is usually on silent. I schedule calls like I schedule meetings. Some people might think this is a bit much, but ever since I started handling phone calls like that, I’ve been able to manage my time so much better. It’s had the most significant impact on my work, my turnaround times, and my creativity. With that said, I’m not unreachable. I check my emails regularly throughout the day. I’ll actually reply faster to an email than the time it might take me to return a missed call. Every business is different, but this works well for me. How about you? Do you limit and plan your business calls? Or do you answer every ring?

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